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Songs written and performed by Otto Kunz, with musical and engineering help from Bill Nelson

Otto Kunz is an irregular regular around these parts, and despite popular demand he would like to share some music with you. All of the songs were written for or about his family.

If you would like to comment on any of the songs, simply contact us by clicking on "Send Us Mail" below and we'll pass the message along. If you'd like to use any of the songs, you may do so for free but the artist reserves all copyright protection and would appreciate it if you would give his name when and if you distribute it. Of course, monetary contributions to the Kunz Family Enrichment Fund would be most welcome.

Songs by Otto Kunz
New Parents Lessons learned early in parenthood
A Long Long Day Thoughts on being a father for the first time
My Very Best Friend A love song for Karen: wife, mother and saint
I'm a Two-Year-Old A song about one child's experiences at age two
A New Way To Tell You How many ways can a husband say "I love you"?
A Modern Mommy CPA A tribute to Karen's new career and juggling act
Tommy, The Mighty Three-Year-Old Tommy the Brave, Tommy the Strong
The Journey A pair of lives among billions

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