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If you need professional help (and if you're reading this then there is a fair chance you do), try casting your lot with this man, whose photo was chosen at random from among the group of one photographs available for web publication in the space below:




Would you buy a used car from this man? What about a brand new armadillo? I wouldn't, if I were you. The reason is:

He's not a used car or new armadillo salesman!

Rather, he is an international tax consultant specializing in tax credits for research and development.

Who knew?

Now, even though he's really really busy (or so he says...), he wants you to know that he's not above appealing to your sense of patriotism, to wit:




Of course, this might not be very compelling if you happen to be Canadian, and he *does* spend a fair amount of time in Canada and is even of Canadian heritage, so here's a tribute to the maple leaf:




Now how much would you pay?

To contact him, send e-mail (with or without a large number of small, unmarked bills) to this strange person.

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