The Ugly Fox Lounge Perpetual Party Schedule

The parties aren't perpetual, but the schedule is! (Well, Sort of.....)

The Ugly Fox Lounge once hosted weekend-long parties which usually began on the 3rd Friday of most months. These days, there is one major published party each year, in June. This schedule is subject to change. (And in fact we are seriously considering hosting a Holiday event in December this year. Stay tuned!)

Other parties are sometimes scheduled, so check with your hosts to stay up to date!

3rd Friday Weekends at a Glance
June See next line.
June This is Our Once a Year Weekend!
June See previous line.

What To Bring: Something edible and something potable to share, a good, patient and tolerant attitude, a toothbrush and sleeping gear. Also, folks have been known to show up with a quantity of bad jokes.


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