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The Q-Sig Games Club meets wherever fans of The Ugly Fox gather. Here is a brief FAQ about the group:

Q: So what does "Q-Sig" stand for?
A: "Q-Sig" stands for Q Special Interest Group. It was named by some very silly people at a very silly moment because it was mistakenly thought that the group needed a name.
Q: If I ever had a sufficient lapse of judgement, could I join?
A: Of course. To join under the current membership rules, you need only fulfill two of the following three requirements: 1) let us know that you would like to join by sending us e-mail via the link below; 2) send us your membership dues ($523,311.92 for a lifetime membership, but only six bucks (cheap!) on a per-minute basis); or 3) simply decide that you are a member. [Helpful Hint: Most folks choose options 1) and 3), but the choice is yours.]
Q: So what does membership get me?
A: As a member, you are entitled to play games, tell and listen to terrible jokes (sometimes the same ones over and over and over), and also to feel smug with giddiness aforethought. Pretty cool, huh?
Q: Would it annoy a lot of people if you left a question at the end of the FAQ unanswered?

IMPORTANT QUOTE: "If elected, I would pay down the national debt by taxing foreigners living abroad!" ----- Uncle Tom during a game of Mr. President




Who are these people and what are they doing here???

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